Kantik Solutions: an LLM for high-risk data

Excel in finance, risk, crime, compliance, and legal matters. Output:
Dive into the heart of the new era of artificial intelligence, where finance, risk management, crime, and the legal sector merge. Our LLM currently under development is more than just a tool: it is the synthesis of multilingual expertise designed to disrupt these crucial fields.

Each sector will benefit from unparalleled precision, a renewed vision, and a revolutionary momentum to navigate the complexity of modern challenges.

Strategic objectives of the LLM

Nous avons pour ambition de transformer les métiers

Discover our specialized multi-module platform in Risk & Compliance.

Kantik Solutions: SaaS platform

Technical Objectives for the Risk Profession Revolution

Our technical goals are not simply a list of ambitions; they are a reflection of our deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible today to transform the fields of Risk & Compliance, Legal, and Finance.

Inferensia invites the community to be part of this unique adventure

Open source and proudly residing on GitHub, we extend a bold invitation to all visionaries: contribute and shape the future of these industries.

We strongly encourage contributions! You can start by checking out our contribution guide on our platform.
We are currently exploring architectures such as transformers, multi-head attention mechanisms, and other recent innovations.
We rely on high-end GPU clusters and TPU systems to ensure optimal performance.
We adopt a multi-source approach, combining public and private datasets, while ensuring rigorous data cleaning.
We have implemented a continuous learning mechanism, allowing the model to adjust in real-time.


Inferensia is a data and innovation consultancy that brings together strategy consultants and other experts. We develop strategies to transform public and private organizations while making data a growth factor.

Beyond the collective and individual interest of its teams, Inferensia also positions itself as a major player in innovation for its clients, thus incubating the best ideas of our partners, clients and collaborators. We do not focus solely on "Delivery", "Technology" or "Doing" (traditional vision) but above all on ROI and usage (innovative vision) on which our achievements are based.