A Big Data & AI platform for Risk and Compliance: Kantik Solutions

A turnkey data solution designed for businesses.
Thanks to our unique expertise in Data, we have given life to Kantik Solutions by incorporating the latest data processing technologies. A Big Data and AI SaaS platform aimed at transforming the risk and compliance professions.

A multi-modular platform

Technological advancements for various use cases

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An excellent technology for transforming businesses.

Building on our exceptional expertise in Data and Artificial Intelligence, we have strengthened Kantik Solutions by incorporating the most advanced data processing technologies.

Inferensia has developed a unique Big Data & AI platform

Kantik Solutions integrates the latest data technologies into a multi-modular SaaS platform aimed at revolutionizing risk and compliance management in all sectors of activity.
We comply with the following regulatory requirements: Sapin 2, SOX, FCPA, UKBA, IFRS, NEP (240, 315, 330, 265), IA Act
The platform is primarily aimed at risk, compliance, and finance business functions.
The study of models is done through the latest advancements in xAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence) from our AI module Act Compliance.
The data is hosted on Scaleway, a sovereign cloud that allows for the provision of a SaaS platform. This approach offers advantages in terms of security, flexibility, and accessibility.
We have implemented a continuous learning mechanism, allowing the model to adjust in real-time.


Inferensia is a data and innovation consultancy that brings together strategy consultants and other experts. We develop strategies to transform public and private organizations while making data a growth factor.

Beyond the collective and individual interest of its teams, Inferensia also positions itself as a major player in innovation for its clients, thus incubating the best ideas of our partners, clients and collaborators. We do not focus solely on "Delivery", "Technology" or "Doing" (traditional vision) but above all on ROI and usage (innovative vision) on which our achievements are based.