"Innovation is about doing things better, differently, faster, simpler."

Interview with Izem Feknous, CEO of Inferensia.

Who is Izem Feknous? What is your background?

As an engineer, financial accountant, and compliance and risk expert, I have developed my career with the “Big Four” software vendors and consulting firms.

Let's talk about Inferensia. How long has it been around and how many employees are working there?

Inferensia has been around since 2019. We have approximately 10 employees at this time. We also collaborate with about 30 experts who support us with our customers.

What was the motivation behind the creation of Inferensia?

Inferensia responds to a real need that is not sufficiently covered in the market, more specifically the digital risk management processes and automated monitoring. This demand also brings about new blood to a market that is traditionally not innovative enough.

Inferensia is a true software publisher and consultancy of the kind that has been around for only a few years. In fact, our software solution expertise focuses on two main areas; the first is technical expertise around data, as our offers and products are data-centric, and the second is based on our expertise in risk and compliance.

What are the values you advocate?

To share, be transparent, and be compassionate are the foundations of our values, which are supported by our management and our teams on a daily basis.

What are the typical companies to which you offer your services? In which sectors do they operate?

We target data-related businesses, with a “Tiered approach” and well-defined use cases. In fact, our clients find it very interesting that we have applied this “Tiered approach” approach, by offering our own fraud detection platform.

Our approach, which can be completely industrialized, allows our customers to launch on only a few use cases, with a guarantee of success and ROI.

What can you tell us about the general state of the data market today? How is it evolving?

The data market is currently very focused on a technical support approach. General management is increasingly moving towards “Tiered” approaches or use cases with a defined ROI. We are clearly positioned upstream on this approach.

What are the issues private and public organizations face regarding data and innovation today? And what should be the priorities in the face of these problems?

The word innovation is currently overused. Indeed, it is often believed that innovation is achieved through technology alone. At Inferensia, we consider technology to be essential, but largely insufficient to innovate. Innovation means doing things better, differently, faster, and simpler.

This is our conception of innovation, which is echoed in our client management. The majority of our client representatives are C-level management or occupy key managerial functions.

In this context, how has Inferensia adapted to market demands?

Our organization is agile; we always adapt to the market, to the client, to the project. Our organization is mainly project-led, not pyramidal, and proudly oriented towards results in the short, medium and long term.

How does Inferensia differ from its competitors in this constantly changing market?

In our consulting activities, Inferensia positions itself as the main actor that demonstrates its technical and case-oriented capabilities through its software development activities. The two activities carried out by Inferensia are an exception in the market. This is what creates valie for our employees, customers and partners.

Inferensia is currently undergoing a rebranding exercise. What motivated this move?

Inferensia is a young organization, therefore it is in constant transformation. Our rebranding, on the other hand, represents our tendency to anchor ourselves on our vision, which remains unchanged.

It is our strategy that changes. Our vision, on the other hand, is solidly fixed. This rebranding allows us to materialize this.

Inferensia's new identity will be accompanied by new services and solutions. What are they?

We will systematically offer our clients our two offerings, consulting and software publishing. These two areas of expertise are in perfect harmony at Inferensia, and our approach to the market will be adapted to support these two offerings.

Which sectors will benefit?

All industries will benefit.

With these new services, what can your existing customers expect?

They will be better served. Inferensia's value proposition is broader than ever and we can provide them with the necessary skills and tools to meet today's data, risk and compliance challenges.

What about your potential clients?

Our editor-consultant approach is a guarantee for our clients of the seriousness and professionalism of our value proposition. Our clients will be able to rely on a proven actor in this type of “Tiered” approach, with guaranteed ROI.

You are relying on Kantik Solutions in this new approach. What can you tell us about this platform? 

It is a multi-purpose platform for risk and compliance. We have digitized the risk and compliance business, but above all, we've automated all the data manipulation, multi-sourcing, data cleansing, but also functional, statistical, and predictive analysis! We are able to offer an optimized and intelligent risk dashboard.

How does the Kantik platform contribute towards Inferensia's operations?

Our first module has been a great success. We have developed a module with over 300 functional, statistical and predictive algorithms to automate all documented cases of fraud. We also offer a fraud risk scoring to limit anomalies.

More than 6 months ago, Inferensia made the internationalization of the Kantik platform official and presented it as the first fraud detection module. You were also present at the Dubai Expo to share the internationalization strategy of your Risk & Compliance platform. What were the results of this?

The results are already there. A case example is providers in the insurance sector have already called on us to help them digitalize their processes. We are also working with an insurance school to provide data training for its executives. Several other surprises are still to come.

How does Inferensia see the future of data, especially as it relates to risk and compliance?

The scope we currently cover is actually no more than 5% of our roadmap. Our ambition is strong. We are starting co-development projects with several clients. roadmap. Our vision is clear and ambitious. We want to become the reference player in risk and compliance.

At a time when services are being outsourced and people are working remotely, does Inferensia have any international projects?

Yes, we have several international projects. Our ambitions in this area are growing.

Where do you see Inferensia in 5 years? What are your plans?

Dans 5 ans, Inferensia s’articulera selon notre vision autour de 4 axes : croissance, conquête, structuration et international. C’est dans cette optique-là que l’équipe est pleinement impliquée et mobilisée.


Inferensia is a data and innovation consultancy that brings together strategy consultants and other experts. We develop strategies to transform public and private organizations while making data a growth factor.

Beyond the collective and individual interest of its teams, Inferensia also positions itself as a major player in innovation for its clients, thus incubating the best ideas of our partners, clients and collaborators. We do not focus solely on "Delivery", "Technology" or "Doing" (traditional vision) but above all on ROI and usage (innovative vision) on which our achievements are based.